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Lesson Plan: Dynamic Ocean Topography

Topic/Overview Dynamic Ocean Topography (DOT), also known as Mean Dynamic Topography Assumed background understanding of ocean geophysics, including tides and currents, and understanding of geodesy, especially difference between ellipsoid and geoid representations of earth Lesson Objectives Students will be able to… Explain what DOT is, and the driving forces of DOT Derive DOT from tidal …

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Response to Op-Ed in the Badger Herald: ‘Rape culture’ does not exist

I would welcome a legitimate debate on a concept well established and defined in the peer reviewed literature. But don’t bother reading this piece from the Badger Herald which tries to refute the whole discussion with 629 words. If the comments section is to be believed the piece’s aim is to prompt lively debate. The piece of …

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The problem with millennials

There is no problem. The term and the dialog are symptomatic of the human experience. Labels and stereotypes are what we do best. In popular culture the term millennials is a new label for a dated trope. In the scientific literature, which is so happily referenced but not actually analyzed, the term has only the narrowest of …

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Republicans block science laureate vote over climate change stance fear |

This is so ridiculous I just have to laugh. It seemed entirely harmless: the creation of an honorary and unpaid position of science laureate of the United States to travel around the country and inspire children to be future scientists. But Republicans in Congress last week quashed the initiative, which had gained rare bipartisan support, …

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