Racist Mystery Tortillas | in the pursuit of

A call to action!! Mystery tortilla appreciators unite!
Racist Mystery Tortillas | in the pursuit of

Recently on the local radio talk show The Joe Show Rosalinda Guillen and Edgar Franx from Community to Community Development (C2C) were interviewed about recent issues of diversity, racism and response in the Bellingham and Whatcom County communities. It was a great interview and I encourage you to…

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  1. Weston,

    Recently I received a dump of all photos on the drives of the NOAA Ship FAIRWEATHER. I am a burned out old NOAA Corps officer who has been put out to pasture in the NOAA Central Library. I do the NOAA Photo Library among other things. Many of your photos were on this drive and I found many of them to be outstanding. I would like to assure that I have your permission to incorporate them into the Photo Library before doing so. I would credit you for any of your photos that I might use and your then affiliation with the NOAA Ship FAIRWEATHER.

    Concerning the life ring – you would be surprised how many NOAA ship life rings grace the bars of the coastal United States and various portions of the world. I suspect that it once went to a bar and then on to the antique shop you found it in. As a hydro guy you might appreciate a column I write for Hydro International, a trade magazine. Google “Hydro International archive” and you will get access to all issues going back about twenty years. I have been history editor since 2008 meaning I do most of the writing except for when I am fortunate to twist somebody’s arm to share some of their knowledge.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Skip Theberge

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